$1 Chocolate Candy Bar Fundraisers: Most Variety & Profit Free Shipping!

Or, your school may be doing a late spring carnival and need to buy food and prizes for patrons. People will feel good knowing they’re helping to pay for your event. With snacks, candies, and even honey-roasted peanuts, there’s something for everyone. Our spring fundraising catalogs cover all your Easter basket needs.
Local audiences might see your middle school featured on the news and donate additional funds that support school projects. The PTO is always on the hunt for new unique fundraising ideas to help them raise money. To raise the amount of money needed to support a team or league, PTO’s have been turning to ABC Fundraising® for over 2 decades.
Tracking your progress will also be made infinitely more accessible as you can see how much progress you have made over time. Encourage your students to bring their used clothing, shoes, and accessories to your school’s clothing swap fundraiser. This is a great way to get rid of old clothes without throwing them in the trash.
Please fill out the form below, along with your email and a detailed message, to request more information about any of our products. A confirmation will appear after you click “Submit.” We look forward to hearing from you. Our price to you is $25 per set which includes shipping and handling. If you sell them for at least $35 per set (and all groups do—some sell for more depending on your area), you are guaranteed to make at least $10 per set.
Another aspect is determining how much money you are willing to spend on the event. A school fundraiser is much like any other project, and it needs to have both a beginning and an end. Unfortunately, fundraisers that are not planned according to a timeline can seem never-ending and demotivate those planning the fundraiser. Make the fundraiser a school-wide event that allows students to verse one another until the top player emerges. Then, for an entrance fee, students can challenge their favorite and not-so-favorite teachers to a game of “rock-paper-scissors” and receive the title of champion of rock-paper-scissors. most successful non profit fundraisers in the community are interested in supporting these young artists by purchasing their creations.