Funding Alternatives for Emergency Medical and Fire Services

The following article lists 10 fundraising ideas you can use to raise money and encourage your neighbors to get to know you better. The more excited you and your school are about your fundraiser, the more likely people will gravitate toward your campaign and want to donate. That’s why we always recommend choosing a school fundraising idea that you’re the most passionate about and really want to promote.
Learn more about how you can use CauseVox for your ticketed events. The Autism Society of Minnesota had raffle drawings throughout their A Toast to AuSM livestream event. Speaking of sweet treats, the golden ticket is a particularly sweet kind of raffle. Buy Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas of candy bars, but hide a special golden ticket inside one of them a la Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Some of the suckers should have a mark at the bottom indicating they’re winners (hide that mark in the foam).
Ask families to bring their own menorah and seven candles, or sell them at the event. You could also sell tickets for a Hanukkah feast before the lighting, featuring Hanukkah classics like potato latkes. Giving Tuesday is an international day of giving that takes place every year on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.
Feel free to auction off items that students create in their school art classes or collect artwork created in a students’ own free time. This idea, however, brings the experience a few notches further! Invite a well-known and talented artist to create a unique piece of art at your event while guests watch in real-time. Not only will the winner receive a beautiful piece of artwork, but it’s also a powerful memento of an extraordinary night. One of the most important—and arguably, most complicated—parts of planning any charity auction is the item procurement process.
Take 12 pictures (one for each month) that are related to your cause. These might be pictures of your volunteers or beneficiaries, or pictures from your biggest fundraising event of the year. Compile the pictures into a calendar and work with a publisher who can print your calendars in bulk. Everyone needs a calendar, which makes them a great thing to sell for a fundraiser. A calendar fundraiser is especially easy to conduct in an office, school, or church, but is great for organizations of every type.