Making the Most of Your Middle School Fundraiser

It’s estimated parents spend between $200 to $500 a month per child on their children’s sporting activities. Some parents can spend $1000 or more, especially if they seek out professional trainers for their children. Now, obviously that can change based on whether it’s recreational or travel team baseball. Often, these are covered by the league themselves, and not on a per-team basis. These can be costs like website maintenance, taxes if the league is for profit, groundskeeping equipment and maintenance, helmets and team uniforms, or field supplies like bases.
Each student will donate to enter and get sponsors who have faith in their beard-growing skills to donate too. Assign shifts to students to wash cars, and designate a few students to collect money for the car washes and any extra donations. Set up an online donation page on the school’s website to receive additional donations. To make money, charge for both general entrance and individual game participation.
Matching gifts programs are a form of corporate giving program in which an employer agrees to match their employees’ charitable donations. A pledge campaign is a unique type of fundraiser that is often paired with an exciting school-wide event. schools fundraising between pledge campaigns and traditional fundraisers is that the actual funds are not collected until the conclusion of the campaign. Instead, these retroactive funds correspond to how many predetermined units of a particular “activity” a participant was able to accomplish.
If you don’t live in one of these states, you can still have a can drive. Not only will this fundraiser help raise money, it’s an eco-friendly school fundraiser idea. Give out your school’s t-shirt to boost school spirit, or create fundraiser-specific merchandise to commemorate the event.
Follow us on Twitter @whyliveschool and connect with LiveSchool Leaders all over the country! Or if you’re looking for more great ideas check out incentive ideas for middle school students or our Rewards that Rock database. A school spirit fundraiser has a wonderful feature built right into it, in that you’ve got some of the most outgoing, enthusiastic, and, well, spirited kids on your sales team. They are natural salespeople, and they are one of the major keys to making the most of your school spirit fundraiser. If you’re working to raise a lot of funds for a big goal, try to get it on your local news, like this school did. It’s essentially free advertising, and it can reach a wide range of the community.