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Stationary electrical equipment, if he finds that such exception will not pose a hazard to the miners… Are belowground plant structures, the olfactometer results demonstrate the potential for odour-mediated interactions in the soil. However, their importance in the actual soil medium remains to be demonstrated. For Art Light -speed train was used to perform thermal analyses and tests, and the results were analyzed. The analyzed data were used to estimate the dependence of the brake currents and the temperature rises on speed changes up to 300 km/h, at which a test could not be performed. Furthermore, when R is higher than 1, we can switch a dark soliton to a bright soliton by decreasing the resistance or vice versa.
We applied high-throughput sequencing technology to cold (2°C), freezing (-5 and -15°C), and control (25°C)-treated samples of cold tolerant and cold susceptible genotypes of A. A total of 452 million paired-end reads were de novo assembled into 54,047 genes with an average length of 1,331 bp. Based on similarity searches, these genes were aligned with entries in the public non-redundant database, as well as KEGG and COG database. Differentially expressed genes were identified using log10 values with the FPKM method.
Three-dimensional synaptic analyses of mitral cell and external tufted cell dendrites in rat olfactory bulb glomeruli. Golgi, electron-microscopic and combined Golgi-electron-microscopic studies of the mitral cells in the goldfish olfactory bulb . In this sense, some specific regions of the glomerular layer were occupied by glomeruli with a particular morphology and a characteristic serotonergic innervation pattern that was consistent from animal to animal. Regarding the cholinergic system, we offer a new subclassification of glomeruli based on the distribution of cholinergic fibres in the glomerular structure.
The results described here indicate that CAE will be a valuable method for both screening of lectins in natural sources and determination of their detailed carbohydrate-binding specificities. Vegetables include carrots, celeriac , parsnips , onions, garlic, and leek – food crops grown globally and consumed worldwide. Few data analysis platforms are currently available where data collection, annotation and integration initiatives are … Vegetables include carrots, celeriac, parsnips , onions, garlic, and leek – food crops that are grown globally and consumed worldwide. Few data analysis platforms are currently available where data collection, annotation and integration initiatives are focus… Parameters, the ballast boards were designed with a very broad range output.
An equivalent noise charge of less than 20 electrons r.m.s. has been measured at room temperature by using a commercial JFET as input device of the preamplifier. In electric power systems are introduced in this paper. According our opinion, there are two different kinds of LLR, i.e., the time-variant LLR (Tv-LLR) and the time-invariant LLR (Ti-LLR). First, Tv-LLR is well suited for developing new type of the fault-current limiter since it has no heat energy dissipated from its superconducting element during current-limiting process. Second, it may be used to produce the high voltage circuit breaker with current limiting ability. While Ti-LLR may be used to manufacture a new type of the superconducting transformer, with compact volume, lightweight and with continuously regulated turn-ratio (so it familiarized as time-variable transformer, TVT).
Made of a FeRh AFM, which orders ferromagnetically roughly 100 K above room temperature, and therefore allows us to set different collective directions for the Fe moments by applied magnetic field. On cooling to room temperature, AFM order sets in with the direction of the AFM moments predetermined by the field and moment direction in the high-temperature ferromagnetic state. For electrical reading, we use an AFM analogue of the anisotropic magnetoresistance. Our microscopic theory modelling confirms that this archetypical spintronic effect, discovered more than 150 years ago in ferromagnets, is also present in AFMs. Our work demonstrates the feasibility of fabricating room-temperature spintronic memories with AFMs, which in turn expands the base of available magnetic materials for devices with properties that cannot be achieved with ferromagnets.